Wednesday, December 15, 2010


now aku rase nak maki orang nih!
wth! wtf! BAB 1!

well, donno how to start!

like 'YOU' say,
nak aku respect kau?

go to hell saje uke!

nak aku respect kau, kau ade respect aku ke?
baldi "golllllllllll!"

n like 'YOU' say again to meee,,,
"if you wanna people respect you, you have to respect others la!"


if you wanna me respect you,
you have to respect me first!


then, i'll respect you back.

itu pun IF la kan...

because em de eldest!

knock.knock to ur heart n think before chakappp!

n de karma is,

de youngest have to say soriee to de eldest!

if you still remember,
you yang AJAR I cmtu.

x ingat bile?


once upon a time,
i ask you to maafkan I**n..
and you say,
"excuse me? aku kakak ke die kakak?"
n you cakap lagi,
"adatlah yang muda kene dtg mintak maaf dekat yg tua'

you yang ajar kan..

banggg. ang!

p/s: sorie 4 da keras words! this entry I dedicated to sum1 that call me BERUANG!

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